Q. I have lost all my car keys, do I have to take my car to the main dealer?

A. In most cases the answer is no. Keys can be cut to match existing locks, then programmed to the vehicle's immobiliser. Remote fobs can also be supplied and programmed. This work can be carried out on site.

Q. If a previously lost car key is found again, will it start my car?

A. Normally all lost keys are deleted when new ones are programmed, although these can be reprogrammed back into the vehicle when found.

Q. I have an MG Rover which is locked and immobilised with all keys and fobs lost. Can you help?

A. Yes we can. In some models, early ZR to 2004 with square black Lucas remote fob, then new fobs can be pogrammed into vehicle. Later models using the grey oval Pektron fobs, must have the immobiliser box removed and reset before new fobs can be programmed.

Q. I have no keys for my Toyota car and the main dealer has told me that I must have new locks, keys and immobilser. Can you help?

A. Yes we can. Some models can be reset diagnostically, enabling new keys to be programmed. Other models must have the immobiliser unit removed and reset manually. Whatever the method, you shouldn't have to renew the immobiliser.